What constitutes real on social media platforms?

Here is a real essay designed to stimulate your thought processes. It offers up the possibility for further debate on the practice of buying Instagram followers as opposed to generating a following organically. The argument has already been given that the buying of Instagram followers can either empower new Instagram subscribers or damage reputations. It has to be said that the tools given to you to utilize just cannot be blamed. Of course, if you are new to these, then you had best be on your way to learn how to use them. That is to say that you do have great designs of collaborating with genuine or real Instagram followers.

These are your tools of trade. These are your Instagram tools. These tools adhere very much to the old adage. The tools are only as good as its user. So true. Perhaps it could be fair to suggest from a discerning consumer’s point of view that acclimatization with Instagram’s tools and subsequent platform will take some time getting used to, months even. But that length of time is wholly dependent on the dedication that you are prepared to give to this new project. The more you know about how the tools are designed to work, the better for your project, it can be supposed.

You will surprise yourself. While there will be many who will simply give up the ghost and go right ahead and buy Instagram followers, you might just end up squaring it out with real followers. Apart from your obvious dedication and fearlessness, never worried about putting in a day’s solid, hard work, your astuteness with marketing principles have allowed you to select and tweak your own tools in accordance with your set objectives. The great thing about using Instagram installations is that while you will be confined to set styles, formats and brands, there will still be room for flexibility in allowing you to go to town with your own unique brand and piping up tunes that you know your market is likely to perk up to and buy into.

That bit is important. You do need to know and understand your own market. A better understanding of this comes through complete mastery of your own product line or service. Know your product well and you will have a better, far more convincing selling case to put forward. And will the real Instagram followers now please step forward already? This takes some doing. This takes time and practice to pull off. Step in front of a full length mirror and start exercising your face muscles. Loosen up and see if you can observe your own body language. Yes, it is quite awkward in the beginning but with time and practice you will be able to master this self-promotion exercise.

Really good work does take time to perfect. It is like saying that good food takes time to prepare. But go tell that to the waiting hordes on your SM platform.

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