6 Things Your Instagram Followers Will Like

One of the best ways to attract target markets and/or desirable followers to your Instagram platform is to always look and listen to what they are saying and doing. Find out what your future followers on Instagram prefer, what matters the most to them and what they are looking for, and you improve your own prospects on your Instagram platform. One of the signposts of Instagram success is to have a healthy following.

Numbers cannot be mentioned at this stage. But lest you know, it is quite substantial these days. The numbers are also dependent on the very nature of your platform, what you do, what you are selling or what you are propagating. Several edits to your main bio page become necessary once your research and development has advanced to the stage where you are getting to know better what other Instagram viewers in your niche space are seeking out or opining about. There are quite a few things they would like to know about you.

There are a few things they would like to see happening on your platform. This article mentions no less than six matters. Try to respond positively to these and see where it leads to down the line. Your Instagram clients want to like you. It would also be great for them if they could like each other on your platform. What attracts them for different reasons to do with the Instagram presentation as a whole is your inventive and creative use of color and style.

You draw them in through your inventive and witty use of hashtags. They are also attracted to your writing style. And needless to say, it all needs to be quite good. Do not worry if you feel that you have shortcomings in some or all of these areas. There is nothing that cannot be fixed. Certainly, there is nothing that a bit of practice and training cannot pull right for you. All improvements are possible.

Do make sure that your bio pic is your best shot and is appropriate to the theme of your Instagram platform. In lieu of responding to your followers positively, it also helps if you are one of their followers too. Your use of color and style is focused on brightness, in more ways than one.

Your writing style needs to be polished, eloquent even, should be short and to the point and always relevant to your visual presentation. This goes for how you are writing captions to your photos and how you are composing your hashtags. Your responsiveness and support is important. It needs to be quick and it needs to be polite and professional.

Your witty but clever use of hashtags will work on algorithms’ nerves, positively speaking, but it gets the notice of your followers. But in saying that, do make sure that these tags are coherent and never illogical to the point that time-consumed platform users would much rather give it a miss.

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